Want to Start 2022 in the Best Shape of Your Life?

Read on to learn how...

Don't let the cold temperatures and short days impact your running this Winter...

Now is the time to start training in a way you've never trained before. 

Most people find it harder to stay motivated, let alone improve through the Winter months.

The days seem shorter and running just feels less important when you've got a nice warm house to relax in. 

If your last Winter was anything like most people's, you scaled back the running to once a week, at best. 

The thought of leaving home or work to run when it's bitterly cold just didn't appeal. 

You spent more time at home and as a result, ate more food.

By New Year's day you had not only lost all of the fitness you'd built the previous year but you added back all of the weight as well.  

Is this what you want to happen again?

Of course it's not!

This Winter can be different...

Make a plan to not only sustain your current ability but achieve something you've rarely done before. 

You're going to use your New Year motivation, not to crawl back to a half decent state, but to push for your best ever Spring running speeds.

Just think of what this will do for your health...

What it'll do for your confidence...

What it'll set you up for in the Spring of 2022...

Introducing: Winter Running Squad

Winter Squad is a group of inspired runners who have committed to not just entering events but training for them with the guidance of a coach and personalised programme, the education of an online course and the support of their peers.

Here’s What Happens When You Join


We'll ask for the information needed to personalise your programme such as:

  • longest recent run distance and speed
  • any events which should influence your programme like races, holidays, etc.
  • details on any injuries or weaknesses you know of
  • common obstacles which prevent you from staying consistent with fitness
  • what you'd like to achieve over the 3-month programme. 

You'll soon be:

  • running with friends who have a similar running ability to yourself
  • sharing your challenges and wins with your personal running coach
  • learning from our online Expert Runner Transformation Course
  • invited to join our online community where members discuss training and celebrate wins
  • warming up and getting medal pics at running events around the country. 

You'll gain full access to your personalised running programme with session plans detailing what distances, speeds and duration you should run at over the next 12-16 weeks.

A second programme will be supplied in the New Year with updated details which take into account your new found abilities since joining. 

Personalised Programme

Peak for every event with session plans you can use when running with the club or alone. 

Unlimited Coach Guidance

Contact your coach any time to discuss new events, challenges, niggles, illness or target speeds.  

Expert Runner Transformation Course

Learn everything you need to progress from intermediate to expert in just 12 weeks. It's not who you know but what you know that will get you success. 

Unlimited Member Support

Become inspired by other Squad members who want you to achieve and hear about your progress. Over forty members await your inclusion. 

Cheltenham Half Marathon

Unlimited Coach Guidance

Have you ever just wanted to ask one person what you should do about a running related issue? 

The internet has loads of information about running but getting an answer specific to your situation is practically impossible, due to the vast array of moving parts in your life. 

Whether you need guidance on a particular run you're struggling to fit in, a niggling left knee or which events to enter the correct answer will depend on what came before. Conor will take the time to understand your goals, strengths, weaknesses and dig up what lead up to any situation which has left you uncertain about next steps. 

Unlike a blog post or running forum, quality coaching happens best when you learn how to solve problems by yourself. 

Conor will help you figure out the answers by working through the facts so you can become an independently knowledgeable runner. 

What do we mean by "Unlimited Coaching"? 

Anytime you find yourself with a question simply message, email or set up a call to discuss your situation in depth.

Conor will typically reply within a couple of hours on weekdays and in between family and coaching commitments on the weekend.

When you're getting answers from one source which knows your exact situation you can bet it'll be more effective than any blog post, book or forum.


Applications close on the 11th of February

Registrations are through application only. Click the button below and pick the best time to discuss your application. 

Your Truly Personalised Running Programme

Generic programmes fail to prescribe speeds which reflect your ability and contain distances which neglect the multiple events you've entered.

Your programme can be designed with speeds based on your ability and distances which peak you for multiple events.

Our first job will be to find where the hidden potential lies when compared to previous race build ups:

  • A lack of guidance could have meant you missed important run distances in peaking for your race.
  • A pacing strategy based on what you wanted, not what you'd proved was achievable in training could have lead to a lethal positive split.  
  • Maybe it was an upset stomach, knee or hip pain which prevented you running at the speeds you've been able to achieve in training.
  • If you're good over distance but getting passed by other runners in the final mile then we can teach you how to become more of a sprinter with a personalised training approach. 

There are so many things which can go wrong in training and on race day but with your own running coach, a personalised programme and other squad members cheering you on you can set yourself up for a year of personal bests in 2022. 

Winter Squad is our Winter Version of Summer Squad...and Summer Squad is Amazing!

2021 Summer Squad members followed their programme to crush 10k events like the Cheltenham's Half Marathon. 

Here’s what some squad members said about Summer Squad...

Simon MacDonald

"improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way..."

I highly recommend Conor's training squads. I've been a keen occasional runner for a few years, and had run a few 10ks and half marathons.

This year I was determined to get some structure in my training and see what I could achieve at the Cheltenham Half with a proper training plan. I hadn't done much training in the months before joining Conor's programme and was pretty unfit.

I've found the structure of the training plan to be excellent in improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way over several months, without risking the injuries I've had in the past when I've suddenly increased mileages.

The combination of the interval runs with their lung-busting fast kilometers, good paced tempo runs and sensibly paced long runs has transformed my fitness. The improvement in performance has been really good too - I'm running 18ks at a faster pace than I ran a 5k at the start of the programme, and have beaten my 10k pb from several years ago.

What I find amazing is that I now think of going out for a 10k as a short run! Being part of a squad really helps with motivation too, when you might otherwise find an excuse not to go out for that long run in the British rain or holiday heat, and Conor's support and advice has been great as well.

I'm looking forward to the Cheltenham Half, and continuing to get much more out of my running.

Andy S

I'm due to run the Cheltenham Half shortly but have already started planning with Conor my next training and event schedule over the winter. I have done this so I can capture the full benefits of the Summer Squad and prepare myself for some challenges in 2020 and beyond."

Victoria Schlesinger


Joining the Summer Training Squad was the best thing that I did for myself this year. I had been a member of the Cheltenham Running Club for a couple of years and decided to sign up for the Cheltenham Half Marathon as it looks like so much fun.

I knew that I would need to train as, for me, preparation is key, and I have not looked back since joining the squad. The programme has been fantastic, totally tailored to my personal ability, I have learnt better running techniques and handy tips on how to get the most out of running.

I have found it so motivating to run with such a friendly group of people and Conor’s advice and personalised training programme has made it possible for me to believe I can achieve my first half marathon. I’m now really looking forward to doing something that I would never have thought possible.

Thanks Conor!

Still Have More to Learn about Running? 

Everything you need to know is contained within our Expert Runner Transformation Course

As a Winter Squad Member you'll be able to help us shape our latest online running course. Gain lifetime access to all lessons and suggest new topics to be included.


Module 1: Getting Setup

Learn the way around your very own running programme, get the tech set up so you know what speed you should be running and how to know whether you're actually keeping to the speeds. Learn to plan your own race calendar and ideal training week to ensure the best Summer of your running life.


Module 2: Preparing to Run

Address niggles before they become an injury, fuel yourself depending on the run you're about to face, teach your body to adapt for the benefits you need to conquer each event. This module will prepare you to prepare your body for faster and longer runs than it's ever been capable of. 


Module 3: The Run Itself

Mental strategies for coping with stress, technical cues to hard wire and knowing when to change the race plan are all vital if you're going to succeed in every run. The biggest failure of most intermediate runners is removing the options they have available when adversity hits part way through a run. 


Module 4: Learning and Recovering

Each run offers us an opportunity to fine tune our next one. To make vital decisions about our next events and maximise progress. Learn to recover effectively and your body can cope with far more physical stress than you ever thought possible. 


Module 5: Racing

There's nothing worse than training well and racing below expectations. Fact is that just one bad decision can turn our race upside down and not only waste your entry fee but months of preparation. 


Say NO to Pain and Injury

Your biggest risk to crushing this Winter of training is undoubtedly an injury. Ask anyone on the start line of a 10k, Half or Full Marathon and they'll tell you they've had to manage some kind of pain which they were unable to shake. Many will take weeks to recover from the injury which resulted when they push through the pain to finish in a time they knew could have been better. 

Check out these bonus lectures...

Bonus 1
How to Use Your Feet for Running
Bonus 4
How to Use Your Glutes to Run Faster and Avoid Injury
Bonus 2
Prevent and Fix Foot and Lower Leg Pains
Bonus 5
Prevent and Treat Back Pain as a Runner
Bonus 3
How to Identify and Fix Runner's Knee
Bonus 6
How to Assess the Good and Bad Pains of Running

Applications close on the 11th of February

Registrations are through application only. Click the button below and pick the best time to discuss your application. 

About The Coach,
Conor Graham

Conor teaches intermediate level runners how to maximise the benefits from every run. He's helped hundreds of runners complete first time distances and achieve a steady series of personal best results. 

Over 15 years as a fitness proffesional and running coach have enabled him to grow as a coach, investing time and money in the latest methods utilised by runners. 

Clientele vary from those who run regular Half and Full Marathons to many who wouldn't run to catch a bus. 

Cheltenham Half Marathon

Stop Wasting Money on Races

Invest it in Yourself

Each race entry costs you £18-£50 so it's important that you actually get the experience you hoped for when you entered the event.

This is rarely the case with many runners:

  • struggling to finish in a time they're proud of
  • cramping up during the race
  •  or not even reaching the start line due to injury or a complete lack of training.

Some people pay £400+ for a course of private sessions with a health professional only to find they've lost all of their running fitness.  Others wait months for an appointment with the NHS only to be told they should stop running as "it's bad for your joints"...

Why put your body and your family finances through this process when you could invest just a fraction to prepare correctly? There is so much value to be gained with a process proven to reduce injury rates. Just learning to run injury free could save you hundreds of pounds. 

But what about the actual experience of training? Uninterrupted, consistent runs with small and regular personal bests which get you in the habit of winning. You'll win every race against previous best times if you can stay injury free and stick to your programme. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

We're confident you'll feel the improvements in your training experience just days after your first run but if you're unsatisfied with the level of support then we'll refund your registration fee.   

Don’t wait! Look at what other club members have to say about our club.

Off Road 10k Success

“I joined CRC to find a structure to my running. I wanted to improve my 10k time, the first race, after starting training, I knocked 3 minutes off the old time and the second race was 2 minutes quicker again. All comes down to coaching with Conor.”

Carole Stacey

New Member Success

“I began running with CRC about 6 weeks ago and it has been one of the best things that i did. I have made some great friends and feel supported 100% by head coach Conor. The club is sociable and welcoming for new members.”

Yasmin Dudley

One of the Best Clubs in Cheltenham

“It is a very good club for those beginning to run whatever age you are. There is a very friendly atmosphere to encourage people to reach their goal. This is one of the best running clubs in Cheltenham.”

Wan Harley

Big Improvements After Just 6 Weeks

“I’ve been running with CRC for 6 weeks and love the mix of people that come along. There are different running groups for different abilities and a good mix of training sessions and runs. I’m seeing a big improvement in my general fitness and enjoying my running again.”

Philip Mitchell

Back from 2 years out of Running to Crush the Cheltenham Half Marathon

“I wanted to get back into running after a break of 2 years. I set myself the Cheltenham half marathon in Oct as my target. The club got me going again and they are so welcoming and inclusive. Conor gives great advice. I thoroughly recommend the club and am constantly telling friends about it.”

Katrina Bailey

Join Over 30 other Squad members Today

The 16-week programme begins on the 25th of October but your coaching starts the day you join!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does my programme start?

Why should I join this instead of a standard club membership?

Do I have to live near Cheltenham?

What if I'm injured while training for the event?

How can I get a refund? 

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

In case you were wondering...

I am incredibly proud of the progress we've made in preparing and educating runners. Thanks to this squad and others like it, there are less people who destroy their love of running due to a bad race or training experience. 

There is still so much to achieve though. Thousands of runners sign up to events on a whim only to fail their own expectations thanks to a lack of knowledge and support. 

Please don't let this be you. Whether you join this squad or another programme like it, you want to make running enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable. 

Cheltenham Running Club