Welcome to Walkers Week!

We’ve had loads of new walkers and runners joining the club on a trial basis recently and so far all feedback has been very positive. 

Book walks at https://signup.com/group/337788238086

Book runs at https://signup.com/Group/4470083007602100115/

Walkers Meet & Greet

Tonight we have new walkers coming to meet walking members at the Holiday Inn Express in town from 7pm. All members are welcome to attend.

Click here and book now.

Saturday Walks from Ford

This weekend we have three walks from the Plough Inn, Ford! 

Find route details below or simply book yourself in at https://signup.com/Group/26987253377192061/

Beginners Week Next Week

Next week we’ll have a range of new Couch to 5k Trial members nervously starting their first runs with the club. 

We now need members to lead them while they decide whether to join our next Couch to 5k programme. 

If you know you can attend a run and feel comfortable keeping a group to a very gentle speed then please book as a Leader for a Couch to 5k group on Signup. 

I’ll add you to a small WhatsApp group of leaders so we can ensure you know how to give these new runners the experience they need. 

Click here and book as a Couch to 5k Leader now…

Trying the Next Running Group Up

This Thursday’s club runs drop back from 45 to 35 minutes so if you managed to run at a strong speed for your group for 45 minutes then there’s a good chance you’re ready to move up to the next group this week. 

Think about who in your group can run at around the same speed and make a deal to show up and run at the lower level of the next group up. 

Eg, if you have been running 9.6kph or faster for 45 minutes then achieving a speed of 9.9kph plus for 35 minutes this Thursday will likely be achievable for you. 

Message a few members and let them know you’re going to form a new group within the 10s who’ll run at 9.9-10.2kph. Those running at 10.5kph or more can form a fast 10s and your little group will become the slower 10s. 

This process is important for the club as it prevents groups getting clogged up to too many people while other groups struggle for numbers. 

Have a slower and faster speed group within any one group makes the move up to a new group less intimidating and means new runners can join at the lower end of the group, before progressing. 

Build to Marathon Programme

With a growing number of runners building towards a Spring marathon we've now got a new programme building towards 42k in April! 

The distances we provide may not perfectly match the build you need to peak on the day so please use these as a base but change distance to suit your personal marathon plan...because you have a plan right? 😉

Tuesday 18th January Session Details  

All runners meeting at the Pump Room in Pittville Park 

12:15 pm for the lunchtime group click here for the workout you’ll do together… 

Keen for Lunchtimes but yet to join the WhatsApp group? 

Message me and I’ll add you now.

6:30pm for Beginners, 7, 8, and 9kph groups

Couch to 5k and 7kph group click here for your workout…

8 and 9kph runners click here for your workout…

6:40pm for 10kph+ groups

10 and 11kph runners click here for your workout…

12+kph runners click here for your workout…


Meeting at the Racecourse Car Park and start times are 12pm or 6:15pm...both if you’re super keen! 

4kph group follow - https://www.komoot.com/tour/640318687

5s - https://www.komoot.com/tour/640320814

6s - https://www.komoot.com/tour/640321738

Thursday Running and Walking Routes 20th January

If you're yet to follow Komoot please watch this short video so you can go from Facebook post to Navigation in just 3 clicks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRXP_rPkom4

These are the routes you’ll need for Thursday’s session of 35min at Speed Group Pace + 0.5kph


Meeting at the Royal in Charlton Kings and start times are 12 pm and/or 6:15 pm

We’re repeating routes from a couple of weeks back so you can spend less time following a phone! 

Scenic 4kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/602459914

Mid Distance 5kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/602467930

Challenge 6kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/602468399

Lunchtime Runners Meet at The Beeches, Charlton Kings GL53 8LY at 12:15 pm

Hill reps will be 90 seconds out and 2:4 back x 8 reps

Keen for Lunchtimes but yet to join the WhatsApp group? 

Message me and I’ll add you to the group.

Evening group meet at the Hewlett Arms on Hales Rd 

Couch to 5k-9kph runners meet at 6:30 pm

10-13kph runners meet at 6:40 pm

See routes for your relevant speed group below. 


6kph C25k: https://www.komoot.com/tour/517315767

7kph C25k: https://www.komoot.com/tour/517317714

7kph: https://www.komoot.com/tour/517317714

8kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517317714

9kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517319920

10kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517321844

11kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517321844

12kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517325654

13kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/517325654

WARM-UP: Couch to 5k and non-stop Runners should do 5 x 30sec out and 60sec back before the dynamic stretches.

Saturday 22nd January Walk from Ford

This week walks will start from The Plough at Ford and take in the surrounding areas of Guiting. As normal 3 routes are available, ranging in distance and elevation, please have a look at the links and select the option that best suits you.

Scenic - A 9k walk with 180m of elevation taking in Temple Guiting and surrounding woodlands. Starting at 11am.

Mid-length - A 12k walk with 280m of elevation taking in surrounding woodlands. Starting at 10am.

Challenging - A 21.1k walk with 390m of elevation taking in Crab Bottom, Deadmanbury gate, Sudley, Winchcombe and Salters Hill. Starting at 9am.

Please click here and book your walks…

Sunday 23rd January Routes from The Pump Room

If you're yet to follow Komoot please watch this short video so you can go from Facebook post to Navigation in just 3 clicks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRXP_rPkom4


Start at 9:30 am

5k route at: https://www.komoot.com/tour/583053659

6k route at: https://www.komoot.com/tour/583057417

Non-Stop Runners

All distances have dropped back this week so those recently running 7-10k can start the Build to 21k Runners programme with an 8k run this weekend. 

7kph and 8kph meet at 9:15am

9kph+ runners meet at 9 am

6kph Couch to 5k Runners https://www.komoot.com/tour/407471460

7kph Couch to 5k Runners https://www.komoot.com/tour/407471460

Build to 10k Runners - 4k https://www.komoot.com/tour/364793004

PB your 10k Runners - 6k https://www.komoot.com/tour/407471460

Build to 21k Runners - 8k https://www.komoot.com/tour/450088995

PB your 21k Runners - 12k https://www.komoot.com/tour/407475435

Build to Marathon - 18k https://www.komoot.com/tour/556105534