Walking Groups in Cheltenham

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After submitting the interest form you'll be invited to talk with a friendly coach who can ensure you're grouped with walkers of similar ability. 

Get Active and Social with our Walking Groups

You enjoy walking but it can be tough finding people who walk when you're available, in locations which appeal and at the speed which feels right for you. 

We have the community to ensure your walks keep you discovering new places while improving your fitness and creating new friendships which stand the test of time. 

Covid Safe

We keep group sizes small and utilise wide open spaces.

Friendly Members

You can make friends for life when you walk together regularly. 

Prepare to Jog

If learning to run is on your bucket list then you can get prepared with the guidance from our club coach. 

Why Walking Groups?

It's no secret that we are a Running Club but many of our members start out with our Couch to 5k programme and we've always taken pride in offering exercise for all abilities.  

Walking regularly leads to a lot of health benefits and with so many people working from home or keeping away from gyms and pools we figured those who have turned to walking may well benefit from doing it with some new friends. 

Lunch at the Green Dragon

When and Where

Saturday Countryside Walks 

Each Saturday we meet at a different pub to allow for a new countryside walk anywhere in the region. 

We typically have three groups to choose from:

Scenic: 6-9km

Moderate: 8-14km

Challenge: 15-35km

Tuesdays from the Race Course Southern Car Park

Lunchtime and Evening walks around the Race Course, Swindon Village, Pittville and Southam.

12pm or 6:15pm each week

Thursdays from The Royal in Charlton Kings

Lunchtime and Evening walks around the Charlton Kings, Charlton Park and Oakley.

12pm or 6:15pm each week

We typically have 3 speed groups for these sessions:

Steady: 3.5-4.5kph

Medium: 4.5-5.5kph

Fast: 5.5-6.5kph

All walks are 60-75 minutes

Sunday mornings at the Pump Room in Pittville Park

Start your Sunday with a brisk walk with friends, followed by a coffee in the new Heritage Deco Cafe next to the Pump Room.

We typically have 2 speed groups for these sessions:

Steady: 3.5-4.5kph

Medium: 4.5-5.5kph

All walks are 60-75 minutes

Walkers looking over Ellenborough park hotel

Join the CRWC Family

Cheltenham Running and Walking Club is not a traditional Athletics Club.

Many of our members prefer to exercise with the friends they've made than alone so joining a club makes perfect sense. 

They Say


All you need to get you back on the road to fitness and happiness

I’ve only just joined this wonderful, welcoming walking club. Although I’ve only managed to walk a couple of times, I know I can go whenever I want and still be made welcome.

I decided to get fit after time spent in hospital. This club helps with all you need to get you back on the road to fitness and happiness.

Thank you for instilling me with a little confidence.

Karen Orwin

The People Are Lovely

The people I have met are really lovely. Everyone is so friendly and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, there is something for all abilities. The group is well run and a wonderful way to incorporate exercise and being sociable.

Tanya Robson

One of the best decisions I've made after struggling with anxiety and depression

Joining the group was one of the best decisions I've made after struggling with anxiety and depression over the last couple years.

I've been so lucky through the walking group to meet people who I now regard as some of my closest friends who I couldn't be without. It's great to get out and meet new people. It's one thing I really look forward to every week after work!

I'm no longer ashamed or embarrassed about my red face after exercise which was a major stumbling block for me when exercising with others!

Mel Higgins

Friendly club with a really proactive leadership

Great friendly club with a really proactive leadership, I would definitely recommend them to anyone either starting a fitness regime or wanting to continue at a higher level

Keith Billingon Walker

Great walking group

Great walking group with scope for all ages and levels of fitness, good communication and support from the organizers

Keith Billington Walker and Walking Group Leader