Walking Member Onboarding 

Congratulations on joining us as a Walker! 

This page is set up to ensure you know the basics of being a Walking member of CRC. 

Bookmark this page so you can come back and find the resources which can improve your experience of walking. 

Before Attending

Covid-19 Latest

It should be obvious but needs to be said...

If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms please cancel any booking and get yourself tested. We have not had one case traced back to the club so far and we'd like to keep it that way. 

Routes and Club News

You can find all of the latest club news and even the routes we'll be walking on the club's website. This page is updated weekly so you should save the page to your phone's home screen or bookmarks for easy access. 


Book Your Walks

Wouldn't it be nice to see who is booked into the walk you're looking to attend? You can...

Our booking system allows members to see who's leading the group and who's participating as a walker. 

Here is the link to book any walk: https://signup.com/group/337788238086

Here is the link just for booking countryside walks: https://signup.com/Group/26987253377192061/

Save the links to your phone so you can book walks with minimal effort. 

Click here to learn how

Join the Member's Facebook Group

The Cheltenham Running and Walking Club Members Facebook group is a supportive and inspiring place to be. 

Click here to submit your join request in and we'll let you in as soon as we can...

You can inspire other walkers to get out and do their daily exercise by posting about your walks or walking events within this group. 

The more you interact with the posts in this group the more Facebook will place inspiring member posts in your Newsfeed so go on, share the Loves, Likes and comments to support your fellow members. 

Staying Safe on Your Walks

We will be crossing roads and at times you could find yourself having to move on to the road to maintain some distance from pedestrians and other walkers. 

Please check your blind spot before stepping on to the road and do not be a sheep when crossing. The club, nor your group leader can be held responsible for any accidents. 

We advice bright clothing, especially if walking at night. Reflective clothing or accessories are very cheap but could help keep you safe. 

Join the Walkers WhatsApp Group 

Feel free to post in the group to:

  • encourage members to attend a walk you're planning to do with the club
  • welcome new members to the group
  • update members if you're going to have some time off for whatever reason. 

The club will post within the group from time to time. It will usually be about a meeting, countryside walk we have planned, survey we'd like you to complete for feedback, etc. 

The members Facebook group is a great place to start a conversation which you'd like opinions on such as footwear, walking through a field of cows, etc.

Please contact Conor if you have yet to be added to a WhatsApp group. 

How we Follow Walking Routes

We want all members clued up on how to follow a route we've planned so we can build a deep pool of members who are ready to lead. 

Komoot is the app we use to communicate the routes. 

Learn more about the app below.

Komoot (the walker's Sat Nav)

Komoot is our chosen app for plotting and navigating routes.

Please take some time to install the app and follow along with this video to learn how you can have the route ready to follow in just three clicks from the members Facebook group.

You will need to download the app and create a free account before this step.

You will be offered a free region which enables you to follow all the routes we'll suggest in Gloucestershire. 

Following a Route on Komoot

Watch this short demo of Komoot leading me around a route.  

Troubleshooting: Wrong Direction

We have encountered a confusing situation whereby Komoot tries to navigate us to start from the end point, marked B on the map. 

Ignore this and the voice navigation will become very annoying. 

Simply click the option to reverse order and Komoot will navigate you to start from the start point at A. 

Troubleshooting: Auto Adapt Route

Auto-adapt route is an option which is useful in a car or while on streets with lots of options for coming back on to the route if you take a wrong turn or choose to take a slight detour. 

The problems arise when you do this in a setting where Komoot cannot find a suitable route adjustment.

On occasions it has simply given up on me and completely cut the route short or even changed suggested turning around and heading back. 

Suggested action...Turn Auto adapt route off. You can do this right at the start of the walk or any time during (ideally before the route has been adjusted) by clicking the volume button then the Auto-adjust route slider at the bottom of the panel. 

Troubleshooting: Voice Navigation

Voice navigation can be great when things are going well and you can hear your phone clearly but if you decide to make a detour or the traffic is loud then sometimes it's best just to turn it off. 

In some areas, especially where one path ends and another starts, without physical signs this is the case as you walk them, Komoot may tell you to take a turn although there doesn't appear to be one.

This is a similar situation in your car when your Sat Nav tells you there is only a few miles till the next junction when it's actually just one motorway turning into another one. There is actually no direction change needed, just continue and keep and eye on your little arrow in relation to the route. 

It'll mean you need to look at your phone more frequently but what you see on the screen will be more acurate than the voice navigation anyway. 

Troubleshooting: App Crashing

A lot of apps crash and there can be a number of reasons. 

Click here for an article which addresses the various phones and which settings could be causing your phone to crash...

Komoot does suggest a minimal version for Android and iPhone so if your phone is not on the latest software then that could cause problems. 

IPhones require IOS 11.4 or later

Androids requires 5.0 and up. 

Another reason apps crash is having too many other apps open at the same time. Turning off other apps frees up memory resources (the ability to do stuff) so your phone can do what Komoot wants. 

If you don't turn your phone off regularly, ideally each night, then it can also lead to the phone struggling to perform the same way we struggle to perform without sleep. 

Turn your phone off and on and close all apps if it's crashing while on walks.