Walker Onboarding for Annual Members

Congratulations on joining our Annual Membership! 

Bookmark this page so you can come back and find useful resources which can improve your experience with walking. 

Before Attending

Covid-19 Latest

It should be obvious but needs to be said...

If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms please cancel any booking and get yourself tested. We have not had one case traced back to the club so far and we'd like to keep it that way. 

We are currently in National Lockdown (7 January 2021) so are not permitted to meet in groups of 3 or more. 

We're doing our best to improve the experience for those who walk alone but you'll also be invited to meet up for "Buddy Walks" if that's something you're comfortable to do. 

Work your way through the sections below for full details. 

Join the Member's Facebook Group

The Cheltenham Running Club Member's Facebook group is a supportive and inspiring place to be. 

Click here to put your join request in and we'll let you in as soon as we can...

You can inspire other walkers to get out and do their daily exercise by posting about your experience within this group. 

The more you interact with the posts in this group the more inspiring member posts Facebook will put in your Newsfeed so go on, share the Loves, Likes and comments to support your fellow members. 

Preparing for Buddy Walks

We want your buddy walk experience to be as positive as possible and while we know you'll get on with anyone you meet, the comfortable walking speed of each individual can have an impact on how well it goes. 

Please follow the steps below to ensure you're given the best chance of walking with people of similar speed. 

1. Download and set up the RunKeeper App

2. Record a Walk

Go out for a walk at the speed you'd like to walk at with your buddies or walking group.

Ideal will be to do an 8-10 minute warm up walk first then some light stretches while your body recovers from the warm up. 

Then start recording on RunKeeper and walk for 40 minutes at the speed you feel comfortable with. 

Stop recording as soon as you finish the 40 minutes and ensure you save the walk. You'll then be able to look back at the average speed and duration. 

3. Submit your Walk Details and Preferences

In order to have the best experience with buddy walks we figure you'd like to walk with people of similar ability right? 

Click here and submit your walk results now so we can put you in the correct WhatsApp group for your ability...

4. Get into the WhatsApp Group for your Speed Level

I should then put you into the right WhatsApp group for your ability but if you want to get into that group super fast then send me a WhatsApp message.

I will process the form requests every few days so unless you prompt me you'll have to wait a little before being added. 

5. Post a Message to your WhatsApp Group

Post a short message along the following lines:

"Hey Conor here. Is anyone interested in doing some walks around the Pittville area at mid morning or after work? I walk around 5kph." 

I know this sounds a little scary as no one wants to have zero reaction to their request for a walking buddy but if you don't post then no-one will answer. 

If someone else posts and you can't buddy with them then please say so to ensure they don't feel ignored. 

6. Take your Conversation Private

If someone is keen then tell them you'll message them privately in the group. 

Look them up in the group area by clicking on the name of the group and finding their phone number. 

Save them to your phone and send them a private message asking when would be good to call. On the call you can have a quick chat about the kind of walk you're looking to do and set the time & venue. 

7. Confirm the Walk

The only thing worse than being stood up is forgetting to show up!

Make sure you've got the session in your calendar and ideally set an alarm so you don't forget. It's freezing and so you need to be on time or you're not going to be popular. 

Sending a short message to confirm the night before is a great way to assure your buddy that you're still keen and could remind them to set that alarm. 

If you realise you're not going to make it or even think that you could be late then please let them know asap.

Punctuality may not be high on your values list but if you're kept waiting in the cold for someone who's running 5-minutes late and arrives 15 minutes late then you're unlikely to book another walk with them right?

8. Post About the Walk

Members would love to hear how your walk went so posting some pics and a little review of the route in the members Facebook group can be a nice. 

Staying Safe on Your Walks

We will be crossing roads and at times you could find yourself having to move on to the road to maintain some distance from pedestrians and other walkers. 

Please check your blind spot before stepping on to the road and do not be a sheep when crossing. The club, nor your group leader can be held responsible for any accidents. 

We advice bright clothing, especially if walking at night. Reflective clothing or accessories are very cheap but could help keep you safe. 

Book a Membership Call

If you're thinking about taking your fitness to another level or simply want some guidance on how to get better results from the walks you go on then it's worth having a chat about your membership and when could be a good time to upgrade. 

Our Walk Squad and VIP memberships are brilliant for ensuring you have an achievable goal and clear path to follow.

After upgrading membership you'll be refunded the unused portion of your annual membership so there's nothing to lose. 

Click here and book a membership call...

Ready to Lead?

Our walk leaders play a vital role in ensuring new walkers get a great experience first time round.

If you enjoy helping others feel comfortable walking with people they haven't met then we'd love to have you join our group of leaders. 

You'll get a great discount on our Walk Squad membership and we'll provide extra training to ensure you know what you're doing as a leader. 

Email me (conor@cheltenhamrunning.co.uk) with the subject line "Walk Leader Interest" and I'll reply so we can set up a time to discuss.