Running in the Dark is More Fun with Friends

You'll get your mojo back fast with our Group Club Runs and Interval Training Sessions

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If you've been running alone then you're aware the conditions are changing. 


Street lighting can't be everywhere and darkness just makes a run less appealing if not a little scary. 


Autumn leaves are settling now and combined with rain can lead to dangerous conditions. 


Running events are few and far between so it can be hard to motivate yourself. 

How Our Runs Can Help

Stay Accountable to Friends

Getting your club runs in the calendar increases the chance you'll get out of the house and off for regular runs. 

You'll soon get to know members who run at your speed and motivate one another to take on the challenges set by your coach. 

Keeping You Safe

Most of our runners carry a phone so help is never far away.  

Running with friends means you'll have less risk of falls thanks to verbal warnings and torches lighting any dark patches on the footpaths. 

Where and When?

Tuesday Evening Intervals

Interval Training can be hard to get motivated for alone but with a group it's ace! 

Meet at the Pump Room in Pittville Park for a 6:30pm or 6:40pm start, depending on group. 

Thursday Evening Group Run

This 35-45 minute group run around the streets of Cheltenham beats the lone alternative, hands down. 

Meet at the Hewlett Arms for a 6:30pm or 6:40pm start, depending on group

Tuesday Lunchtime Intervals

Interval Training in your lunchbreak! 

What better way to break up your day than a fun and fast track session with friends. 

Meet at the Pump Room in Pittville Park for a 12:15pm. 

Thursday Lunchtime Hill Reps

Hill reps are great for improving your ability to tackle hills and headwinds.  

You'll arrive back at the desk raring to crush any task.

Meet at the Beeches in Charlton Kings for a 12:15pm start.

Tuesday Lunchtime Track Session

Sunday Morning Long Run

If you want to run further then the long run is the most important of your week. 

Pick one of our programmes to ensure progress is made each week.

Build to 10k: Progress from 5k up to 10k by Christmas

PB your 10k: Improve upon your 10k speed with runs between 7 and 12km. 

Build to Half Marathon: Progress from 10k to Half Marathon by Christmas

PB your Half Marathon: Improve upon your Half Marathon time with runs between 14 and 24k

No Runs are Compulsory

After joining you'll gain access to the session details and routes for the week so any sessions you miss with club can be followed when and where it suits. 

Social Events

After joining you'll be invited to the next social event we have planned! 

Running Events with Friends

Imagine meeting up with friends before your next race. Our members frequently book a bunch of places in a local race and enjoy the experience together. 

Group warm up, pre-race pics, support from friends and family during the even then regroup with a coffee and a chat. 

Register your interest

After registering your interest you'll be invited to come and trial the different types of sessions we run.


New Member Success

I began running with CRC about 6 weeks ago and it has been one of the best things that i did. I have made some great friends and feel supported 100% by head coach Conor. The club is sociable and welcoming for new members.

Yasmin Dudley ,

Off Road 10k Success

I joined CRC to find a structure to my running. I wanted to improve my 10k time, the first race, after starting training, I knocked 3 minutes off the old time and the second race was 2 minutes quicker again. All comes down to coaching with Conor.

Carole Stacey ,

Big Improvements After Just 6 Weeks

I’ve been running with CRC for 6 weeks and love the mix of people that come along. There are different running groups for different abilities and a good mix of training sessions and runs. I’m seeing a big improvement in my general fitness and enjoying my running again.

Philip Mitchell ,

Back from 2 years out of Running to Crush the Cheltenham Half Marathon

I wanted to get back into running after a break of 2 years. I set myself the Cheltenham half marathon in Oct as my target. The club got me going again and they are so welcoming and inclusive. Conor gives great advice. I thoroughly recommend the club and am constantly telling friends about it.

Katrina Bailey ,

"improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way..."

I highly recommend Conor's training squads. I've been a keen occasional runner for a few years, and had run a few 10ks and half marathons.

This year I was determined to get some structure in my training and see what I could achieve at the Cheltenham Half with a proper training plan. I hadn't done much training in the months before joining Conor's programme and was pretty unfit.

I've found the structure of the training plan to be excellent in improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way over several months, without risking the injuries I've had in the past when I've suddenly increased mileages.

The combination of the interval runs with their lung-busting fast kilometers, good paced tempo runs and sensibly paced long runs has transformed my fitness. The improvement in performance has been really good too - I'm running 18ks at a faster pace than I ran a 5k at the start of the programme, and have beaten my 10k pb from several years ago.

What I find amazing is that I now think of going out for a 10k as a short run! Being part of a squad really helps with motivation too, when you might otherwise find an excuse not to go out for that long run in the British rain or holiday heat, and Conor's support and advice has been great as well.

I'm looking forward to the Cheltenham Half, and continuing to get much more out of my running.

Simon MacDonald ,