Running in the Dark is More Fun with Friends

You'll get your mojo back fast with our Small Group Club Runs and Interval Training Sessions

Book a coach call so we can get you running with the correct group for your ability.  

When We Run

We have three runs per week, each with a different format and focus. 

Hill Reps and Intervals

Tuesdays from 6:35pm at the Pump Room in Pittville Park

This session can improve your ability to tackle hills and head winds while also giving you a great sprint finish. 

Run Fast > Rest > Repeat

Tempo Run

Thursdays from 6:35pm at the Southern Race Course Car Park

This run will improve your 5k time by challenging your body to run fast for 35-45 minutes. 

Challenge yourself to run faster and your body will improve. 

Long Run

Sundays from 8:30am at the 

Pump Room in Pittville Park

Improve the size of your gas tank so you can run further without your legs turning to lead.

Perfect for anyone training to run 10k or Half Marathon. 

How We're Staying Safe

We're staggering group start times to reduce the size of gatherings.

On arrival, you'll be sent to your group's waiting area and as soon as that group has the right numbers then you'll be off for warm up. 

Groups are limited to a maximum of six but we'll often make them smaller and ask that attendees keep 2m behind the runner in front. 

Full guidance is available on our club run booking form which you'll gain access to after your coach call. 

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