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Everything you need to know about learning to run in the current climate. 

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Online On-Demand Education

Access our Beginner Transformation Course free for the week. 

Virtual Club Runs

It may sound crazy but running on a Zoom call really helps! 

Our Virtual Club Runs:

  • prompt members to set regular times to exercise
  • improve improve run experience with realistic challenges 
  • trouble shoot issues before they put a halt to your run
  • build community and friendships which extend beyond running
  • let us see our friends are keeping well. 

These will be your best runs since lock-down if not since you first wore shoes. 

We'll prompt you to focus on techniques when at the right times so you feel the part. 


We've gathered feedback from current and former Couch to 5k runners about what the main challenges are at these strange times. 

We've come up with the following workshops which you can attend free on Zoom:

  • How to Crush the Couch to 5k
  • How to Stop Your Lungs Burning While Out for a Run
  • How to Run Alone Through Lock-down
  • How to Stop Your Lower Legs from Seizing up During a Run
  • How to Set Realistic Running Challenges for Yourself
  • Beyond Beginner's Week

These talks will take place in small Zoom meetings but you don't have to keep your microphone or video on. 

We'll offer opportunities to ask questions but most of the content will be delivered by our friendly staff.

Book your place in each workshop fast as spaces are limited. 

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You can now trial the experience of being a CRC member right down to the closed community support. 

Our members have agreed to open the doors to their closed online community in Beginner's Week. 

You'll be welcome to post about the runs you do, the talks you attend as well as putting questions to our members about things like what to wear, where to run what headsets members use and more. 

Our members post regularly to inspire one another and are rewarded with a tonne of support.

Register your interest and look out for your Facebook group invite. 

You can transform your Facebook news-feed with positive posts from people who want you to succeed. 

This way Beginner's Week will not just be about the sessions you attend but those you share it with.