Member Resources

Simple tutorials which teach you how to make the most of your club membership. 

Book your Club Runs

We use the app Signup.com so members can booking in and see who else is booked in for runs.

Save this link to your phone's home screen so you can book runs easily: https://signup.com/Group/4470083007602100115/

Club Run and Walk Meeting Times and Locations

We now have a great booking system so you can see who's booked in to any given session. 

Save this link so you can find it quickly for future reference: https://signup.com/Group/4470083007602100115/

Club Run Times and Venues are:

Couch to 5k and 7kph to 9kph Runners
6:30pm Tuesday evenings at Pump Room in Pittville Park GL52 3JE
6:30pm Thursday evenings at The Hewlett Arms on Harp Hill GL52 6QG
9:15am Sundays at the Pump Room GL52 3JE*

* 9kph group meet at 9am on Sundays

10kph-13kph Non-Stop Runners
6:40pm Tuesday evenings at Pump Room in Pittville Park GL52 3JE
6:40pm Thursday evenings at The Hewlett Arms on Harp Hill GL52 6QG
9am Sundays at the Pump Room GL52 3JE

You are also welcome to attend any walks after booking in at https://signup.com/group/337788238086

Walks start at 12pm and 6:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Tuesdays at the Race Course Park & Ride GL52 3LZ
Thursdays at the Royal in Charlton Kings

Saturdays 10 or 11am from a different location each week, find these on the booking page.
Sundays start 9:30am at the Pump Room GL52 3JE

Follow Running Routes

On the Weekly Session Details and Routes page, linked to above, you will see Komoot links next to the various running group names, eg. 8kph - https://www.komoot.com/tour/623492898

If you click this link on your phone you'll be prompted to download a free app called Komoot. When all set up your phone will be able to guide you along a route which we have created. 

Please watch the video below to see how you can get started with Komoot. 

Join our Members Facebook Group

This is the main group for learning about everything to do with the club on a higher level. You'll get posts about the latest news on running events, training and more.
Click here and Join the Cheltenham Running Club Members Facebook group...

Join the WhatsApp Group for your Speed

We have a WhatsApp group for each speed group. If you're not already in the group for your ability please message me so I can add you in. 

These groups are for you to encourage one another to book and attend club runs, running and social events.

If you find yourself in a conversation with one person please reply privately to save everyone else in your group having multiple notifications which are not for them.

Please leave a WhatsApp group if you are not running with that speed group anymore.

Club Session Details and Routes

We have a page which provides session details and routes for every run. Bookmark or save the page to your phone's home screen so you can find details in 1-2 clicks.

Ordering Club Uniform

Want to represent your club when you're out for a run? 

Click here to find our great range of club kit...

Privacy Policy

Want to see how your data is used? 

Click here to find our Privacy Policy...

Book Walks

Want to try some walks with the club? 

Each Saturday morning we have big countryside walks which finish with a pub lunch. These don't clash with club runs so are becoming popular with runners as well as our walking members. 

If you have to take some time off running then attending walks may be a good way to regain fitness before getting back to club runs. 

We have steady, medium and fast groups at most walks so there is always a walk for you. 

Click here to book any walk...

Click here to book Saturday walks...

Add a Shortcut from Home to the Members Facebook Group

Access routes and the latest news from our Members only Facebook Group in just 1-click with a short-cut from your phone's Home Screen