How Our Daytime Club Runs Will Work

We will be offering 2 weeks of lunch-time club runs starting on the 26th of May.

 Each of these sessions is designed to be fun and enable you to train at the intensity which suits you.

With the support from our qualified running coach you can learn to love running more with improved technique and pacing.

Fill out the form below to find out when and where these sessions will take place.


Register your Interest!

Join us in your lunch break to see how you can run safely and make new friends along the way.

In completing this form you accept that we will contact you to discuss your situation and whether the club runs are suitable.

You no longer have to run alone if your friends are busy or if you're pushed for time.

We are offering daytime club runs for those who can join us during their lunch breaks. Get guidance from a Qualified Coach who will lead a warm up and cool down so you can get the most of out the time you have available.

Whatever your ability may be, these runs will enable you to have a great workout and refresh before heading back to work. 

Hear What Our Members Have to Say

Nicole Stent

Friendly People and a Good Atmosphere

Great club, supportive and inclusive. Very good for beginner runners. Friendly people and a good atmosphere on training sessions. Would recommend to all

Pippa Dixon

All club runs have been great, even that first club run

Fantastic running club. All club runs have been great, even that first one, when I arrived I realised how supportive and friendly it was. Looking forward to another year of club runs, excellent coaching and future club social events!

Emily Woods Couch to 5k and Straight to Half Marathon

Couch to 5k Success

Learning about pacing and intervals has completely changed the way I run. I know it is important to run the best way for me and to not compare my journey to anyone else's. I would like to thank Conor and the members of the club for their continued support, I couldn't do this without you!!

Wan Harley

One of the Best Clubs in Cheltenham

It is a very good club for those beginning to run whatever age you are. There is a very friendly atmosphere to encourage people to reach their goal. This is one of the best running clubs in Cheltenham.