5-Day Running Challenge

Day 4: Crushing Run 2

Watch the following two videos from our Online Running Course to ensure you're properly prepared to put in a personal best run...

VIDEO Lesson 1: Set Yourself Up for a Great Run

In this video, you'll learn why warm up is so important and how to do it properly before Run 2. 

VIDEO #2/2: Things to Prepare Before You Run

This video is provides a quick checklist of things to prepare for your second run. 

Want More Guidance Through your Winter of Running?  

Squad Applications Close Soon!

We can turn your 5-Day Challenge result into a programme which guarantees you'll make huge improvements in running distance and speed .


Couch to 5k Squad

For those coming back to running or starting from scratch. 

Winter Squad

For runner's who'd like to crush their next challenge, 10k and beyond. 

I joined the Summer Squad after chatting to CRC members and being inspired!

Being in a squad means getting a training programme to work with; but for me the most important part is giving and receiving encouragement, support and advice..”

Cheltenham Running Group

Andy Sawers