More Than a Logo Placement

Watch the video below to meet the club founder and learn the true potential of partnering with us. 

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The Benefits to You

As your marketing partner, Cheltenham Running and Walking Club takes our sponsorship agreement very seriously. You make a promise to help Cheltenham's health, and in return we promise to deliver the best sponsorship benefits out there.


Customers are getting more and more discerning about which companies they do business with. What better way to communicate your values than by sponsoring a club that matches theirs?


You'll have unparalleled in-person access to hundreds of people when you become an integral part of the club through title sponsorship, getting in pictures at club events, featuring on the club's website and having your brand and message promoted to members and followers.


Tell a whole new audience how much your company values healthy living and social groups. Every time they participate in a club walk, run or event your brand will be front and centre.


Responsible companies like yours know how important it is to get staff involved in giving back to the community. Talk to us about how your people can get directly involved in the club.

Added Value

After just under a decade of success, Cheltenham Running and Walking Club has built such a strong service, our membership fees are typically twice that of other local clubs. 

As a Sponsor, you'll have access to consumers who value quality over quantity. They invest more if they know it'll get them better results and a positive experience. 

Package Options

Primary Sponsorship Package

As THE Primary Sponsor, you'll get star treatment, starting with a major announcement to club members and followers. The member benefits of this sponsorship will be huge and appreciation will be shared by many. 

Next, your branding will appear on all print collateral, advertising, swag, and electronic media associated with the club. 

You'll also be invited to have a video recorded with our club founder to discuss your services in Cheltenham and why you've taken up such a worthy cause.  

This content will be shared with our members and followers to ensure our club is associated with your brand in any conversation going forward.

We think your market and our audience are a perfect match. Ensure the loyalty of your existing customers and resonate with new ones - all while you help us help the people of Cheltenham improve physical and mental health.

Secondary sponsor



What's included

  • Logo placements on club kit arm or side of upper body garments
  • Link to website from core web pages: Home, About, Contact and Blog
  • Single blog post including video interview, if requested
  • Email announcement to full database
  • Announcement and links to blog post on all social media channels  
  • Bimonthly social media post for 3-12 months, depending on term of commitment. 

Process Steps

Here's what can happening next...


Book a call with Conor to discuss your business and whether a partnership will be suitable.  


We'll announce the sponsorship and place your logo on the website's header. 


You'll receive a formal proposal which will lay out the terms of the arrangement.


You'll get a 90% for staff to join the club and opportunity to get started. 


We'll schedule a video interview which will introduce the club's members to your business.


We'll update you regularly on the progress we've made on the rebrand.