Your Personalised Gift from Cheltenham Running Club

As someone training to run longer distances it's important you learn to safely increase the capacity of your gas tank.
Watch these short videos to learn how... 

In Video 1 you'll learn about the physiological process of teaching your body to store more energy.

In Video 2 you'll learn the distances you should aim to cover in training before attempting the 10k, Half and Full Marathon.

In Video 3 you'll learn about the using a programme to ensure you reach the optimal training distances.

Want All of This Taken Care Of? 

It's great to know the theory of how to increase your distances safely but the real challenge is putting it into practice.

If you'd like someone to prescribe the distances and speeds of your runs then you have two great options:

1. The CRC Half Marathon Squad​​​​​

PREPARE FOR YOUR FIRST/BEST HALF MARATHON with the guidance of our head coach, the support of squad members and the motivation of beating personal bests every time you race. 


1. The CRC Premium Membership

Gain the coaching guidance and support of a squad all year round...

The Perfect Membership for those who want it all:

  • Unilimited Squad Memberships with no additional cost
  • Strength & Conditioning Programmes
  • Access to all coaching sessions including Yoga, Club Runs, Workshops and Gym Sessions. 
  • Unlimited Support from your Coach