Running in the Dark is More Fun with Friends

You'll get your mojo back fast with our Small Group Club Runs and Interval Training Sessions

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If you've been running alone then you'll be very aware of how the conditions are changing. 


Street lighting can't be everywhere and darkness just makes a run less appealing if not a little scary. 


Autumn leaves are settling now and combined with rain can lead to dangerous conditions. 


Running events are few and far between so it can be hard to motivate yourself. 

How Our Runs Can Help

Set Appointments to Run

Getting your club runs in the calendar increases the chance you'll get out of the house and off for regular runs. 

You'll soon get to know members who run at your speed and will motivate one another to take on the challenges set by your coach. 

Keeping You Safe

Groups are split into 4-6 members and social distancing is strictly adhered to whenever possible. 

Running with friends means you'll have less risk of falls thanks to verbal warnings and multiple chest torches. 

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Big Improvements After Just 6 Weeks

I’ve been running with CRC for 6 weeks and love the mix of people that come along. There are different running groups for different abilities and a good mix of training sessions and runs. I’m seeing a big improvement in my general fitness and enjoying my running again.

Philip Mitchell ,

Back from 2 years out of Running to Crush the Cheltenham Half Marathon

I wanted to get back into running after a break of 2 years. I set myself the Cheltenham half marathon in Oct as my target. The club got me going again and they are so welcoming and inclusive. Conor gives great advice. I thoroughly recommend the club and am constantly telling friends about it.

Katrina Bailey ,

New Member Success

I began running with CRC about 6 weeks ago and it has been one of the best things that i did. I have made some great friends and feel supported 100% by head coach Conor. The club is sociable and welcoming for new members.

Yasmin Dudley ,