Are you worried about whether you can finish Cheltenham’s Half Marathon? Struggling to run regularly or far enough by yourself?

Our Cheltenham Half Marathon Training Squads can help to ensure you can not only complete the race but shock and inspire friends with a fantastic time!

You’ll get your own personlised running programme which can be adapted should life get in the way. If you can follow your programme then we can guarantee you’ll get around just fine and even finish with a sprint.

You’ll have regular contact with your coach to check everything is going to plan and you’ll be welcome to ask questions any time via email or when we meet for club trainings.

You’ll prevent injuries and develop speed with our Strength for Runners Programme along side your own personalised injury prevention plan.

You’ll also be supported by other squad members via the Secret Facebook group and exclusive Cheltenham Half Squad Training sessions.

Complete the form and we’ll contact you to discuss your suitability for this exclusive training squad.

Squad Application

Squad Application

Examples could be just to finish, to break a personal best or to improve by a certain amount from a previous attempt.

Includes time to watch educational videos, talk to coach, engage with Facebook group, strength training, running, stretching, etc.

10 very open. Examples could include strength training, massage, etc.

10 Very open. Examples include posting on social media, talking to friends, writing for our blog.