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Get Active and Social with our New Beginners Running Groups

If you've struggled to complete a traditional Couch to 5k plan then you're not alone. Thousands of people find themselves repeating weeks or giving up well before achieving a non-stop 5k run. 

We do things very differently to the NHS and what we do works.  

Covid Safe

We'll buddy you up with members of similar ability to ensure your runs are fun but safe.

Friendly Members

You can make friends for life when you complete our plan with new friends. 

Learn to Run

We're not just going to help you run regularly. You'll learn how to run and recover correctly.

Why our Couch to 5k Programme?

It's no secret that we are a Running Club but many of our members start out with our Couch to Programme and we've always taken pride in offering exercise for all abilities.  

Jogging regularly leads to a lot of health benefits and with so many people working from home or keeping away from gyms and pools we figured those who have been struggling could really benefit from our gentler plan. 

Where and When?

Tuesday 6:30pm at the Pump Room

Thursday 6:30pm at the Hewlett Arms

Sunday 9:15am at the Pump Room

Beginners Running

Join the CRC Family

Cheltenham Running Club is not a traditional Athletics Club. Many of our members prefer to exercise with the friends they've made than alone so joining a club makes perfect sense. 

Cheltenham Running Club at Park Run

Beginner's Intake

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Social Events

After joining you'll be invited to the next social event we have planned! 

The Christmas Party at Cozy Club is likely to have 60-70 members from 6pm till late!