Join Us for Beginner’s Week and Discover the Power of Running with CRC

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Our next Beginners Intake is Starting From the 21st of September!

“ANYONE CAN RUN” but some don’t realise how fun and pain free it can be until they seek help with it. 

During Beginner’s Week we’ll show you how to pace yourself so you don’t burn out too fast or cause injury.

We’ll support you with online education, coaching advice, inspirational stories and a bunch of new friends who want you to succeed. Join in small group club runs which help you prioritise your runs, gain coach guidance and member support. 

Our Events!

How to Crush 5k of Non-Stop Running

Monday 21st September: 1pm

Are you struggling to build up your distance of running non-stop?

In this presentation you’ll learn the strategies we implement with members of our online Couch to 5k Squad.

How to tackle hills

How to stop burning lungs

How to stop cramping lower legs or jelly thighs

We’ll cover it all and answer your questions too!

How To Set Running Challenge

Monday 21st September: 6.30pm

Did you know the benefits of running happen between your runs?

Most people set out for runs without a realistic target to aim for. Others set their sights too low and repeat the same old lap of the block but struggle to make progress.

In this workshop we’ll show you how to learn from every run so that you can motivate yourself with realistic challenges which make improvements impossible to ignore.

How To Stop Lungs Burns

Wednesday 23rd September: 1pm

Burning lungs is the number one obstacle to non-stop running but in this workshop you’ll set up the app which will teach you the speed you need to be running at and tell you the speed you are running at.

We’ll also explain how to tackle hills, head winds and all other factors which will effect your ability to keep running with comfortable breathing.

How To Stop Lower Legs Seizing Up

Wednesday 23rd September: 6.30pm

Once you’ve stopped your lungs from burning there will come a time when the muscles around your lower leg can become tight and eventually cause pain around your ankle or foot.

Book this workshop with Club Physiotherapist, Katie Foster, and Head Coach, Conor Graham, as they talk to you through strategies for preventing the tightness and addressing lower leg pains.

Areas addressed include: 

-tight shins (shin splints)

-pain in the outside of your ankle

-achilles tendon pain

-arch pains under the foot

Book a Call to Get Involved!

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have made multiple changes to how we deliver education and personal advice with running.

Included in our Beginner's Week Events we offer the chance to attend small group club runs where you'll run with 4 people of a similar speed to you.

To ensure you are in a the right group for these club runs and understand how we as a running club have adapted to be Coronavirus compliant, we would love to speak to you over the phone.

Arrange a time to suit you below!


Joined Couch to 5k in Lockdown!

I joined CRC in lockdown 3 as I set myself the challenge of completing Couch to 5k! With the support of Conor and my fellow C25K squad members, the useful Zoom calls and training videos I did it! I'm now in the Summer Squad working my way towards 10K and love the support and encouragement of running with others now we can! Everyone in the club is super supportive and the comments you get in the Facebook group really help to motivate you. Who would have thought I would be running 3 times a week and why did I leave it until my 50s to do so!!!

Louise Tarling

Friendly People and a Good Atmosphere

Great club, supportive and inclusive. Very good for beginner runners. Friendly people and a good atmosphere on training sessions. Would recommend to all

Nicole Stent

"improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way..."

I highly recommend Conor's training squads. I've been a keen occasional runner for a few years, and had run a few 10ks and half marathons.

This year I was determined to get some structure in my training and see what I could achieve at the Cheltenham Half with a proper training plan. I hadn't done much training in the months before joining Conor's programme and was pretty unfit.

I've found the structure of the training plan to be excellent in improving my speed and endurance in a careful and gradual way over several months, without risking the injuries I've had in the past when I've suddenly increased mileages.

The combination of the interval runs with their lung-busting fast kilometers, good paced tempo runs and sensibly paced long runs has transformed my fitness. The improvement in performance has been really good too - I'm running 18ks at a faster pace than I ran a 5k at the start of the programme, and have beaten my 10k pb from several years ago.

What I find amazing is that I now think of going out for a 10k as a short run! Being part of a squad really helps with motivation too, when you might otherwise find an excuse not to go out for that long run in the British rain or holiday heat, and Conor's support and advice has been great as well.

I'm looking forward to the Cheltenham Half, and continuing to get much more out of my running.

Simon MacDonald

New Member Success

I began running with CRC about 6 weeks ago and it has been one of the best things that i did. I have made some great friends and feel supported 100% by head coach Conor. The club is sociable and welcoming for new members.

Yasmin Dudley

Transforming Belief and Ability

I have gone from being not able to run to the end of my road & thinking running is not for me, to believing in myself thanks to Conor & the fabulous members of the CRC...

Sherryl Jennings Couch to 5k Squad and Beginner Transformation Student