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Philippa Rimell

Thanks to the 5-Day Challenge I've learned:

  • That I can run faster!
  • How to use pacing effectively.

It makes you feel as though you have progressed in a very short amount of time.

Really worth doing. Takes very little time, but delivers big results.

Sherryl Jennings Couch to 5k Squad and Beginner Transformation Student

Finding Something Extra for the 5-Day Challenge

I found a new me, dug deep & pushed myself, hitting that self doubt out of my head & stubbornly ran on my own, not giving up & smashed Tuesday's time even though the last 1/4km was hard.

Graeme Ross Couch to 5k to 10k to Half Marathon

16 Second PB Improvement with 5-Day Challenge

I managed to knock 16 secs off the first run! I stepped it up slightly until the last 1/2k which was the fastest and hardest I think I have ran In 30+ years...

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Day 1

Preparing for Run 1

Day 2

Run 1

Day 3

Learning from Run 1

Day 4

Beating Run 1

Day 5

Preventing Injury

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