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Meet the Team

Conor Graham Cheltenham Running Club

Founder and Head Coach: Conor Graham

Having moved to Cheltenham from New Zealand in 2012, Conor founded Cheltenham Running Club as a means of helping more people to improve health and fitness than ever possible in his personal training business. 

His background in strength and conditioning paved the way for a new culture where training comes first and racing shows results. 

Conor is a Run England Coach in Running Fitness as well as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer. He has been a self employed Fitness Professional since July 2001.

Phone 07580 481454


Head of Commercial Relations and Social Events:

Matt Lee

Cheltenham Running and Walking Club is committed to supporting local businesses and charities.  

Our Commercial Opportunities Range From : 

o   Sponsorship – Have your company name / logo promoted by Cheltenham Running & Walking Club, Gloucestershire’s Healthiest Club

o   Pub – If you would like us (typically 30+ walkers) to include your Pub for end of walk drinks & food, please get in touch with me…

o   Charity Support – If you are a Charity and would like to help to raise some funds, please contact Matt to discuss how CRWC could assist with a Charity Event for you and your Charity.

o   Medical – If you are a Doctor or Physio, or work in the Rehabilitation (Health, Mental Health or Physical Health) Industry, talk to us about how we can positively add to whatever treatments you offer..

o   Employer – If you care about the Staff you employ and want to help improve their all-round health, please get in touch to chat through how CRWC can help.

o   Supplier – If you are a supplier of Sports / Hiking or Outdoor Clothing or Kit, please do get in touch to explore how we could work together…

o   Environmental – If you want to know more about how CRWC is helping our Environment, then please do get in touch with Matt

For more information about the many exciting Commercial Opportunities our club offers, or if you would like CRWC to help or support your organisation, then please get in touch with Matt via the email address below..

Email:  matt@cheltenhamrunning.co.uk

Physiotherapist in Cheltenham

Head Physiotherapist: Katie Maddocks

Kate Foster specialises in rehabilitating and preventing running injuries through a combination of manual therapy, massage and acupuncture. 

Weekly meetings with the club's head coach mean programmes are optimised and members are well cared for.

Katie has presented a vast range of educational workshops to save members money on Physiotherapy.  

Phone 07580 481454


 The Management Committee

 Club Chairman
 David Clarke

 Club Treasurer
 Conor Graham

 Social Secretary
 Matt Lee

 Walker Representative
 Andy Dick

 Runner Representative
 Thomas Cummings

 Club Physiotherapist
 Katie Maddocks


Enjoying Running and Progressing Fast!

Enjoying running much more than expected and really surprised how quickly I have been able to run longer distances over 5k. Looking forward to getting up to 10k.

Yasmin Dudley

Graduated from Couch to 5k Group to Non-stop Runner in Week 2!

I joined the clubs C25K programme as someone who had never been running. In a matter of weeks was running in the 8kph non-stop group with some great new friends! The club is excellent for self improvement & socialising

Craig Somerville

A Social Couch to 5k Programme with Loads of Guidance

I am currently doing the couch to 5k, I love the social side of it, having others to motivate me and also getting all the information every week about any problems I have, and what the week plan is.

Paula Aitchison