5-Day Walking Challenge

Learn to explore with confidence and look after your body in between walks. 

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Set Yourself Up to Explore and Endure

This fun challenge will take your enjoyment of walking to new heights through a new found confidence competence in all things walking. 

  • Master the "Sat Nav" for walking explorers
  • Treat niggling pains before they stop you in your tracks
  • You'll get access to daily walk through videos which enable you to confidently explore new walks and train your body to tackle the toughest climbs while laughing with new friends. 

"This challenge is key to ensuring our walkers learn how to look after themselves while exploring the Cotswolds as well as looking after their body between walks."

Conor Graham

Founder of the Cheltenham Walking Community

Cheltenham Running Club

Day by Day

You'll receive a short email each day which links to demonstration videos which you can follow to carry out designated tasks. 

Day 1

Set up the "Sat Nav" which can guide you around exciting routes you've never walked 

Day 2

Follow a route which someone else shares with you via link which opens in your app. 

Day 3

Release tension in the muscles which cause common discomforts such as plantar faciitis, ankle and shin pains.

Day 4

Plan and walk on a mix of terrain near your village, town or city.

Day 5

Learn how to plot your own walk and follow it using Komoot.