The crWc 5-day walking challenge

Day 3

Task 1. Release Muscle Tension in Your Shins with Massage and Stretching

Do you suffer with pains in the top of your foot or have shins which cramp up while walking long distances? 

Massage is a great way to break up knots in the muscles which help us walk.  

Follow this video to release tension in the front of your shin. 

This clip was taken from a zoom workshop we held for Walk Squad members earlier in the year. If you'd like to learn more exercises for improving the suppleness and strength of your walking muscles then check out the offer at the bottom of this page. 

Advanced Shin Stretch

Bring the length back to your shins with this advanced stretching technique.

Advanced Plantar Fascia Massage with Ball

Follow along with this demonstration to release tensions from underneath your foot. Tight arches can lead to toe, feet and heel pain.

Video 2: Trouble Shooting Komoot While on a Walk 

Watch this video to learn the most common challenges faced when following a Komoot Route and how to trouble shoot them. 

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