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5-Day Running Challenge

Crush your Personal Best!

Follow the basic challenge tasks to make significant improvements in the time it takes you to cover any distance.

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Day 1

Preparing for Run 1

Day 2

Run 1

Day 3

Learning from Run 1

Day 4

Beating Run 1

Day 5

Preventing Injury

Learn How to Achieve Consistent Running 

Many people struggle to run to their potential on a regular basis... They have plenty of will power but simply cannot maintain the speed they want. It's time to learn how to become a consistently good runner! 

Thanks to the 5-Day Challenge I've learned:

  • That I can run faster!
  • How to use pacing effectively.

It makes you feel as though you have progressed in a very short amount of time.

Really worth doing. Takes very little time, but delivers big results.

Philippa Rimell

5 Day Running Challenge. Day 5 Feedback

Again I enjoyed this as it resets where I'm at with my running. I felt I had plateaud a bit with my running but the 5 Day running challenge always gives me a lift and I managed to knock nearly a minute off the time of run 1. Hoping to sign up for the Summer squad to continue to improve 😊🏃‍♀️

Sarah Luty

16 Second PB Improvement with 5-Day Challenge

I managed to knock 16 secs off the first run! I stepped it up slightly until the last 1/2k which was the fastest and hardest I think I have ran In 30+ years...

Graeme Ross Couch to 5k to 10k to Half Marathon

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