5-Day Running Challenge

Day 1: Preparing to Run

You can learn a lot more from your first run IF you have a way of recording your speeds and know how to run faster when it counts.


Watch this video to learn how you can record and pace your runs!

If you're already using a GPS watch or App then it's still worth watching this to see which settings to use when posting about your runs.


How to Install and get started with Komoot

Komoot is the app we use to communicate routes to our members. It's free to use in one region and can guide you around like a Sat Nav.  

Bonus Lesson: Set up Quick Access to Routes, Apps and Web Pages on your Phone's Home Screen

A lot of what we do relies on our smart phones but the last thing I want is members staring at their phones while they wait to start a run. 

Follow along with this video to ensure you can load Komoot routes in less than 5 seconds, Facebook groups in a single click and check the latest weather with a swipe. 

Want More Guidance Through your Winter of Running?  

Squad Memberships Starting Soon!

We can turn your 5-Day Challenge result into a 16-Week programme which guarantees you'll make huge improvements in running distance and speed .


Couch to 5k Squad

For those coming back to running or starting from scratch. 

Winter Running Squad

For runners who'd like to crush their next challenge; 10k and beyond. 

I joined the Summer Squad after chatting to CRC members and being inspired!

Being in a squad means getting a training programme to work with; but for me the most important part is giving and receiving encouragement, support and advice..”

Cheltenham Running Group

Andy Sawers