Learn to Run Further or Faster in just 5 Days

Participate in our 5 Day Challenge to upgrade your true running potential.

You could win great prizes and learn to run better than you have in years.  

5-day running challenge

Crush your Personal Best!

Follow the basic challenge tasks to make significant improvements in the time you take to cover any distance.


The Challenge starts on Monday the 14th of ​October
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Challenge Prizes

You could win prizes from local businesses such as Up & Running, Better Health Nutrition, Cheltenham Brewery Swim Coaching, The Gym and many more. 

1st Prize is typically valued at well over £500

Learn How to Achieve Consistent Running 

Many people struggle to run to their potential on a regular basis... They have plenty of will power but simply cannot maintain the speed they want. It's time to learn how to become a consistently good runner! 

In this challenge you'll learn how to increase speed gradually through structured training as well as in the final 1k of a race using proven running technique cues increase running speed. 

How It Works

01 Register Free via the Form

You'll then be asked to save our email address to ensure Challenge emails make it to your inbox each morning. 

02 You'll be invited to join the closed Facebook group 

This is where participants introduce themselves, ask questions and post proof that they've completed each task. 

03 Challenge Emails

Each morning of the Challenge you'll find an email with simple tasks to complete such as proving you have a way of recording your runs. 

04 Educational Content

Some emails will link you to educational videos on topics such as recovering from a run. Other emails will describe the strategy you should take when taking on the two runs of the challenge. 

05 Deciding the Winners

After the Challenge is over participants will be asked to nominate and vote for the member they think had the most positive influence on the challenge and completed the tasks. 

Challenge Emails

Day 1

Preparing for Run 1

Day 2

Run 1

Day 3

Learning from Run 1

Day 4

Beating Run 1

Day 5

Preventing Injury


5 Day Running Challenge. Day 5 Feedback

Again I enjoyed this as it resets where I'm at with my running. I felt I had plateaud a bit with my running but the 5 Day running challenge always gives me a lift and I managed to knock nearly a minute off the time of run 1. Hoping to sign up for the Summer squad to continue to improve 😊🏃‍♀️

Sarah Luty

Finding Something Extra for the 5-Day Challenge

I found a new me, dug deep & pushed myself, hitting that self doubt out of my head & stubbornly ran on my own, not giving up & smashed Tuesday's time even though the last 1/4km was hard.

Sherryl Jennings Couch to 5k Squad and Beginner Transformation Student

Non-Stop Learning as a New Club Member

I have learnt so much, not just this week but throughout my whole time with the club. I have learnt how important nutrition and injury prevention is, I still have aches and pains but I am learning how to deal with these, the foam roller is not always my friend but does do a great job!

Emily Woods Couch to 5k and Straight to Half Marathon

The Challenge starts on Monday the 14th of ​October
Register today...