Running Technique Programme

Struggling to improve your race times? 

Constantly taking time off to recover from injuries?

Very few runners have actually been taught to run, the way they would if learning to swim or play an instrument.

While running doesn’t look like it should require tuition huge improvements in speed and injury prevention can be gained.

Our Technique First programme can highlight your weaknesses and teach you to run more efficiently. In doing so you’ll unlock speeds you didn’t know were possible. 


Technique First Members benefit from:

  • group coaching sessions with Cheltenham Running Club

  • discussion in the Technique First Closed Facebook group

  • running drill video demonstrations hosted in an online course

Personalised Services are also available for additional cost

  • Technique Review and Planning Consultation to discuss video of your technique and a plan for improvements

  • 1-2-1 or small group technique coaching sessions for guided improvements from a qualified coach

  • 1-2-1 gym sessions to improve muscle balance and faster technical improvements with a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach