Strength for Runners

Prevent Injury with Strength

Do you suffer from running injuries? This training will increase your muscle's ability to protect the joints which help you run faster. 

Improve your Running Performance

These trainings will strengthen your ability to run with good form under heavy fatigue, into a head wind, over soft or slippery terrain and up steep inclines. 

Become an Athlete

The explosive elements of these trainings will enable more powerful muscle contractions, ensuring you have a higher top speed available in every sprint finish. 

Starting February 2016!

Our Strength for Runners Trainings begin on Wednesday the 3rd of February!

These trainings will start very easy while we teach you perfect technique but progress in time with our 12 week running programme so you see consistent gains in strength and speed. 

Weeks 1 - 6: Stability and Endurance

We've gathered the top exercises for improving your injury prevention profile then put them into a progressive programme to ensure that you never hit a progress limiting fitness plateau. 

There will be easy, build and hard weeks, which fall in synch with the running programme. This ensures that you can get up for the hard weeks knowing that the following week will allow your body to recover and adapt for the building weeks ahead. 

Weeks 7 - 12: Base Strength and Power

Phase 2 of our initial Strength for Runners Programme will convert the stability and endurance into gains which will shave tens of seconds off your 5k time.  Your muscles will have recruited fibres left dormant from years of neglect and your lungs will have adapted to sprints between the explosive strength exercises. 

All abilities will be suitably catered for through a range of progression levels as well as the Strength & Conditioning Coach, Conor Graham, plus Head Physiotherapist, Katie Foster.

Register for the programme via the form to your right. 

Strength for Runners Registration