Setting Up Your Programme

Hey Congratulations on your Running Programme Purchase!

1. Please complete a profile at www.cheltenhamrunning.co.uk/profile.

2. Please submit a time trial result

Choose a distance between 4 and 10km to time trial. You can do this using a gps watch, a treadmill or a stop watch and a measured route.

Don’t know any routes? How about the Honeybourne line?

It’s a 2km path between Prince of Wales Park and the Railway station. There are markers every 100m on this path so you can easily work out how far you’ve run.

This is a 5k route example.’

Want some help?

You can book a 45min session with our head coach who will take you through a warm up, discuss pacing and record the result for you.

Find a gap in his Calendar at www.cheltenhamrunning.co.uk/bookings and request a time trial.

That’s It!

With this information we’ll be able to make you a highly personalised running programme for the Cheltenham Half Marathon!

Oh, one more thing…

Have you tried a run with Cheltenham Running Club yet?

All of our club runs work with your programme to ensure that you not only know how fast and far to run but that you have others to run with.