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For those who want it all...

Running Coach in Cheltenham

Don't Just Run with us...

If you want to achieve something special with your health and fitness then you'll need more.

  • Unilimited Squad Memberships - Squads are made up of our most driven members 
  • Weekly Yoga Classes - not compulsory but fantastic for keeping you strong and supple
  • Nutrition Programmes - because you'll run faster with the right fuel 
  • Online Expert Runner Transformation Course -  to help you make the right decisions more often
  • Online Strength Programmes suitable for Gym and Home Use - to build speed and prevent injury
  • 3 club runs per week - to become part of the family and achieve more
  • Invitations to club social events, closed Facebook groups, pre-race warm ups, post race lunch and coffee 

Unlimited Running Squad Memberships

Motivation, support and guidance through the Squad members who want you to succeed. 

If you like the guidance and support of a team then our online training squads will be perfect for you. 

Squad members benefit from:

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    online Expert Runner Transformation Course teaching you how to run more effectively
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    personalised programme containing all the session plan you need to progress your running and strength
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    unwavering support from other members who want you to succeed
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    direct line to coach to discuss holidays, illness and work breaks
  • fun squad challenges encouraging you to stay strong
  • target events which other squad members have entered and warm up with them on the day
  • race strategy consultations to ensure you have a realistic plan to follow on race day

join Winter Squad as a premium member

Registrations for this Squad Officially closed to the Public in October but on joining our Premium Membership you can be added to the Winter Squad for no additional cost.

With 45 motivated members our 2019 Winter Squad is the largest yet. Fun Challenges and other elements have recently been added to further strengthen the learning and guidance within the group. 

Club Runs and Fitness Classes 

Gain access to some of Cheltenham's most popular fitness classes for no additional cost.

Classes Included in Premium Membership

Cheltenham Circuits Class

Yoga for Runners

6:30 - 7:30pm


Studio 2

DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter

Members reset muscle length, strength and stability in this running specific yoga class. 

Interval Training

6:30 - 7:30pm


Venue is Season Dependent

All abilities repeat fast runs with walking recoveries to improve their speed over relatively short distances.

Tempo Club Run

6:30 - 7:30pm


Venue is Season Dependent

Couch to 5k members take on their week's run while non-stop runners improve their ability to hold a strong pace for longer periods of time. 

Long Run

9am - when finished


Reception DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter

This run helps Couch to 5k members consolidate their week's run and prompts non-stop runners to increase the size of their gas tank with progressively longer runs. 

Your Truly Personalised Running Programme

Generic programmes fail to prescribe speeds which reflect your ability and prescribed distances neglect the multiple events you've entered.

Our Programmes are designed with speeds based on your ability and distances which peak you for multiple events.

Progress through your personalised programme when and where you want.

  • Find all the session details you need on your mobile and follow them to get the ideal workouts. 

  • Your session plans are based on your goals and ability so each completed session is a step towards your goals.

  • Your programme can be updated any time depending on the various changes in your circumstance.

  • Multiple routines prevent boredom and ensure you can fit them into the smallest gaps in your day. 

Nutrition Programme Included!

Most people who join our programme do so to improve their health so it makes sense that we incorporate our 3 week nutrition programme.  

Lose Weight 

Improve your energy levels


All facilitated by our Qualified Nutritionist

Nutritionist for Runners in Cheltenham

Georgina Graham

Cheltenham Running Club Nutritionist

Strength & Conditioning Programme

Gain access to Cheltenham's top facility for a fun workout, targeted training, proactive recovery or simply chill out. 

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    Learn correct technique for the most important exercises for your situation. 
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    Check up on your technique and get your programme optimised with personal consultations. 
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    Use your programme in Cheltenham's best facility, your home or any gym in the world. 
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    Discuss your changing needs to ensure your programme evolves at the same rate you do.

Small Group S & C Technique Sessions

Join Premium before our next S & C programme begins and you'll gain access to exercise technique sessions with Head Coach and Level 2 S & C Coach, Conor Graham

Conor Graham

Head Coach

Cheltenham Running Club 

Online Expert Runner Transformation Course

You'll be enrolled in and help us decide on content for, a brand new course made just for Runners. 

There's much more to running than putting one foot in front of the other...

There's a good chance you've got to your current running ability through trial and error, with the odd YouTube video thrown in. But what if you had a process purpose built for getting you to the next level...

Professional runners have more time, sponsored products, a team of coaches and physical therapists but more important than any of this, they've invested years in learning how to train properly and look after themselves in between sessions. 

You may not have all the bells and whistles but you can learn and implement the strategies which can uncap your ability IF you have a process. 

This course will provide that process of learning and help you implement the ideas which will maximise your results. 


Module 1

The first module of lectures will help you become clear of what you're training for, how to use your programme and use the exercises which will ensure your body can handle the running progressions. 

Module 2

Here you'll learn everything required to ensure you know the ideal state of preparation before each run in your programme. 

Module 3

Learn what you can do during a run to prevent problems and get the exact benefits you're supposed to. 

Module 4

Ever wonder whether the training you're doing is making a difference to your running ability? This module will make progress impossible to ignore and help ensure you can learn from every run. 

Module 5

Learn how to put together a great race calendar and ensure you're able to give each event your best efforts while enjoying the occasion. 

Bonus Module

As a runner, you've no doubt experience pains and even injuries which have stopped you from running. This module will provide full scale lectures of each of the most common areas of injury. 

Weekly Yoga Classes

Lengthen, Strengthen and Stabilise your Body to Start your Week Right

When: 6:30pm Mondays 

Where: Studio 2 at DW Fitness First in the Brewery Quarter 

or a quiet park when the weather suits.

Who: Becca McKennaugh is your qualified Yoga Instructor

Yoga classes in Cheltenham

Becca McKennaugh

Cheltenham Running Club Yoga Instructor

Online Injury Prevention Course

Learn to identify, fix and prevent the most common running injuries for uninterrupted progress in your running

Splay Foot Running Posture
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     How to Use your Feet for Running
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    Prevent and Fix Foot and Ankle Pains
  • check
    How to Identify and Fix Runner's Knee
  • check
    How to use your Glutes to Run Faster and Avoid Injury
  • check
    How to Prevent and Treat Back Pain
  • check
    How to Assess your Running Pains to Prevent Injury

The Potential Value

Here's a summary of what's included for Premium Club members:

  • Unilimited Squad Memberships - Usually £197 for 6-months
  • Weekly Yoga Class - usually £5/class 
  • 4 x 3-week Eat to Run Nutrition Programmes per year - £45/course 
  • Online Expert Runner Transformation Course -  £200
  • Online Strength Programmes suitable for Gym and Home Use - £30
  • 3 club runs per week - £57/year
  • Invitations to club social events, closed Facebook groups, pre-race warm ups, post race lunch and coffee (food and drinks not included)  - priceless 

Total value available in your first month: £333.00! 

There is a 4 month minimum term to cover the time it'll take us to get you setup but you won't regret joining us!

Secure Your Premium Membership for just £40/month

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