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Want Lunch-time Club Runs? 

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Are You looking to Improve Your Running Ability?

Try Us for Free

We're Not a Competitive or Exclusive Club so DON'T Worry About Whether You're Fast Enough. Our Aim is to Help You Improve, Whatever Your Current Ability Is!

Running alone might be good but it's easy to get stuck in a routine of running the same routes at the same speed, you might end up not progressing if runs are missed, or you might start to become lonely.

There are so many benefits to having a club on your side:

  • Make new friends who can motivate you even when the runs get tough keep you safe when the sun goes down early
  • Take the pressure off with pre-organised runs and varied speed groups led by a Qualified Coach
  • Help you achieve goals thanks to our personal programmes
  • Keep you safe and completing runs or events with minimal injuries

Sign up for a Free trial run with us!

As A Regular Runner You'll Get More From Us Including:

  • Strength and Conditioning Programme
  • 3 Week Guided Personal Nutrition Plan
  • Yoga For Runners Classes
  • Speed Interval Training
  • Injury Prevention Course
  • Unlimited Coach Support Online or In Person

Follow your personalised running programme

All distances and speeds will be personalised to your lifestyle regardless of holidays, ability and other events. Whether you join us with club run attendance included or as an online membership, we'll work with you to make sure your programme is unique to you.

Everything is available online

Your programme, coach, squad members and educational resources are all available wherever you have an internet connection. Benefit from a closed Facebook group where other members can share tips and support one another. Guidance and support is just a click away!

Learn to prevent

Injury Prevention Lectures you can access, anywhere, anytime for life! Created by our Head Coach and Qualified Physiotherapist so you won't hit any set backs.

Set goals and take steps to
achieve them

Learn to run your first 10k or Half Marathon in the most pain free and fun way possible. Or aim to improve general fitness and health with the help of our Qualified Nutritionist or Personal Strength and Conditioning Programmes.

You can join our club and benefit from all this in our Seasonal Training Squads or with a Standard or Premium Membership! 

We have a maximum training squad size limit in order to keep support standards high. No doubt many of our Premium Club members will snap up places soon so it's important you get in asap if you'd like to crush your Half Marathon and 10k events over the next few months.