Cheltenham’s Half Marathon Training Squad

You can finish Cheltenham's Half Marathon in a time which shocks and inspires

Our Cheltenham Half Marathon Training Squad will coach and support you every step of the way

For Beginners

For Experienced Runners

Squad members gain access to a range of coaching services such as:

  • Goals and Planning ConsultationHalf Marathon Training Squad

  • Report with ideal week and target finish time

  • Distance Progression Chart

  • Online Programme with speeds and unlimited updates

  • Email and phone support

  • Strength & Injury Prevention Programme

  • Invite to “secret Facebook Group”

  • Race Strategy Consultation

Apply now...

Squad Application
Examples could be just to finish, to break a personal best or to improve by a certain amount from a previous attempt.
Includes time to watch educational videos, talk to coach, engage with Facebook group, strength training, running, stretching, etc.
10 very open. Examples could include strength training, massage, etc.
10 Very open. Examples include posting on social media, talking to friends, writing for our blog.