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Welcome to Cheltenham Running Club

We help Cheltonians enjoy running by progressing their fitness, preventing their injuries and making them friends. If running hurts or no longer gives you a spark then chances are you’ll benefit from joining our Club. Find membership options here

Our Progressive Programme

All members have unlimited access to club runs which progress over a 10 week programme. There are easy weeks, build weeks, hard and recovery weeks. Technique Coaching, Interval and Hills Training, Tempo Running and the Long run provide the impetus for progress. Learn more…

Couch to 5k Running Group

Get fit with our beginners running groups in 2017! We have an enhanced Couch to 5k programme which progresses members at sustainable rates from absolute scratch. Some 2016 members went from Couch to Cheltenham Half Marathon!

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Focused Training Squads

Don’t leave your training to chance! Whether you’re running a first time distance or targeting a personal best performance our training squads can remove doubt and guide you to achieve.

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Training Times

All trainings are beginner friendly thanks to professional instruction and training formats.

Yoga for Runners
6:30pm Mondays

Couch to 5k & Intervals
6:30pm Tuesdays

Strength for Runners
6:30pm Wednesdays

Couch to 5k and Tempo Run
6:30pm Thursdays

Couch to 5k Long Run
9am Sundays

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Cheltenham Running Workshops

Cheltenham Running Workshops


Find out about our next series of Running Workshops

Beginners Running Groups

Beginners Running Group in Cheltenham

We’ll progress you from walking to jogging with our enhanced Couch to 5k programme:

  • 3 trainings per week
  • educational articles
  • coach and member support

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About our Running Programme

Need something else to improve your speed and prevent injuries?

Strength Training for Runners in Cheltenham

Our Strength for Runners Trainings ensure you’re doing the right kinds of exercises for running, not just “toning up and loosing weight”!

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