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Mo Run BristolCheltenham Running Club was established in January 2013 in response to growing demand for structured coaching of Cheltenham runners.

We pride ourselves in catering for a broad range of ability, progressing our members in a safe and effective programme. Warm ups are compulsory and education on injury prevention is consistent thanks to our qualified Coach and Physiotherapist.

We offer Running Technique coaching as part of our Progressive Programme and running gait analysis on a one to one basis. Our priority is ensuring technique and other controllable variables are not the root cause of injury.

Our range of memberships ensures those who require additional support and education are catered for. Personalised Running Programmes are available for members training towards a season of races, their first race, improved general health and function.

Head Coach

Head Coach Conor GrahamConor loves teaching members how to get better results from the time they dedicate to running fitness.

His Strength and Conditioning background ensures that training loads are always safely and effectively progressed. Running technique coaching and running programmes ensure plateaus are a thing of the past. 

His love of running goes way back but has only increased as he’s learned how to further uncap potential through the latest methods.

Free Goals and Planning Consultations are available to current and potential members.

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Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Georgina Graham Nutrition CheltenhamGeorgina helps our members fuel themselves better for running and day to day life. Members benefit from higher energy levels, weight loss and putting a stop to intestinal discomfort. 

She achieves this through a process of identifying which foods are causing negative symptoms and replacing them with other which provide equivalent or better nutritional value and taste. 

George runs group nutrition programmes on Monday nights which help members improve energy levels, manage their weight, improve their relationship with food and much more. 

Support is always available with meal ideas, recipes, and consultations provided in person and via phone or email. 

George works closely with our other health professionals to ensure diet matches your activity levels.

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Club Physiotherapist

 Kate Foster specialises in rehabilitating and preventing running injuries through a combination of manual therapy, massage and acupuncture. 

 With a clinic based at our clubrooms, Fitness First, she is able to quickly respond to our members’ pains before they worsen. 

Kate works with Head Coach, Conor Graham, to ensure that our members are not taking on too much and that their re-integration to the Progressive Programme is a smooth one. 



If you think you could benefit from running with people of similar ability at set times each week then you really should try us out.

We utilise the Holiday Inn Express for our clubrooms through the winter months. The Holiday Inn Express Cheltenham

This means:

  • A central location to start our warm up from – within running distance for many Cheltenham residents
  • free parking at the Matalan Car Park on St Margaret’s St
  • Secure room for storing bags while you’re out running
  • Fully licensed bar and snacks 

April to June Meeting Points

Tuesdays meeting at the Racecourse Carpark. This venue provides good access to hills used in our June Target Event, the Cheltenham Challenge. 

On Thursdays we meet at the Royal Oak in Prestbury. This venue provides access to the other side of the Racecourse as well as some lovely village lanes. We tend to stay for a drink and nibbles after this training. 

July to October Meeting at the Pitville Park Playing Field

This venue provides a great field for technique work as well as access to our September Target Event, the Cheltenham Half Marathon. 

Club Trainings Include:

6:30pm Mondays Yoga for Runners

Yoga is the perfect class for reversing the muscle shortening effects of running. Attend this class to improve stability, strength and flexibility. 

November – March: Balcarras Sports Pavillion

April – October: Pitville Park

6:30pm Tuesdays Technique and Speed IntervalsRunning Technique Drills

During the lighter months we run a 30minute Running Technique Programme followed by 30-45 minutes of Speed Intervals.

These sessions are great for teaching members how to:

  • hold their posture while running at different speeds
  • use their arms to improve the efficiency of their legs
  • land safely when running to ensure minimal impact on the knees and lower leg
  • recover their legs between each step to ensure minimal effort and maximal speed
  • roll and stretch their muscles to ensure faster recovery and minimal muscle soreness

6:30pm Wednesdays

Meeting Point The Holiday Inn Express all year around. We then go to a local park for the training. 

Our Strength for Runners trainings prepare your body for the punishing demands of running by:Strength Training for Runners in Cheltenham

  • improving your muscle strength and stability
  • toning your body with trainings which can improve your metabolic rate
  • improve your speed with explosive strength exercises 

We have a Physiotherapist to help deliver the trainings and replace any exercises which aggravate any pains or minor injuries you have. 

6:30pm Thursdays Couch to 5k and Tempo Run

Every Thursday we run an even paced session with approximately 1km warm up and stretching followed by a 30-50 minute run. Members arrive early to catch up with their pace group and check the map to see where they’re going to run.

You can pick between groups who run from 7-14kph (4.4mph/13min per mile 8.75mph/6:50 per mile).

Each group has their own route with faster groups covering more ground, in the same period of time, than slower groups. All routes are set up to start at the same warm up location and end with the same run in to the finish (usually Fitness First or the original meeting point).

The benefits of this kind of sessions include:Club Run

  • having a pace setter who will stick to the correct pace no matter what
  • no more starting too fast and having to slow down due to fatigue half way through
  • each week progresses so you know you’re getting fitter, if you keep attending
  • you don’t have to decide where to run.

9am Sunday Couch to 5k and Long Run

This is the most important training for anyone building distance for an event. Routes are provided based on our progressive distance programme. Couch to 5k members use this session to consolidate Thursday’s workout. 

The Cheltenham Running Club Progressive Programme (CRCPP)

Our Progressive Programme is set out to help everyone increase by one pace group every 13 weeks. The final Tempo Run of every 10 weeks generally includes a 50 minute run at the pace groups’ base speed (eg 10kph for the 10 group) plus 0.5kph (eg. 50 minutes at 10.5 for the 10 group).

If members have build up to this through the 10 week progressive programme then they should have no problem moving up to the next pace group which will start with a 25 minute run at the groups’ base speed (eg. 11kph).

You can learn more about why our programme is set out this way in this video recorded at a Cheltenham Running Workshop.